Do i need long distance phone service?

Answer On One Hand: It is Cost EfficientIf you make long distance calls and incur long distance rates at least once a month then you should consider a long distance phone service plan. Many phone companie... Read More »

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How do I cancel long distance phone service?

Phone CompanyFind out which company is providing the long distance service on your plan. This company might not always be the same company which provides your local phone service or your Internet s... Read More »

Who has best local&long distance phone service?

On One Hand: Local Exchange Carriers Offer ReliabilityMajor local exchange carriers like Verizon offer service package bundles that include local and long distance services for a flat fee. These ca... Read More »

Do you need long distance service to access the internet?

You do not need long distance phone service in order to have access to the Internet. In fact, some companies only require a wireless router along with Internet service. Each Internet and phone serv... Read More »

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