Do i need all these scanners?

Answer Hi PhillipThe only one you need is AVAST. That is by far, one of the best used by programmers. It catches viruses , trojans etc...

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Can someone help me with these two negative scanners?

How many types of scanners and printersand how these are working in detail?

Hundreds, if not thousands. If you want detail, look them up on Wikipedia or by using Google.

Do all in one scanners/printers need ink?

nope u wouldnt need ink if u are scanning alone. However, u will need ink if u are going to print what u scanned.

Do scanners need inks?

No, if you are just getting a scanner, then it will not use ink. HOWEVER, if it is a scanner/printer or something that prints paper, then it will need ink. It will run on electricity from an outl... Read More »