Do i need a telephone line to get wirless internet contion?

Answer if you want one of your own then yes, I however steal my connection from my neighbours. it's their fault really for not securing it.

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Do you need a telephone line for a DSL Internet connection?

Several companies offer DSL high-speed Internet without home phone or land line service. There must still be phone lines in the home. Consumers should be sure to check local availability in their a... Read More »

Can you get internet service without a land telephone line?

here are a few options!!you can go with your local cable provider, or with wifi-max....fixed!!1) Wireless: There may be a public node operating near you or you may be able to share t... Read More »

Do i need a telephone line to get broadband?

Some of these answers crack me up LOLYou do NOT need a "telephone line" to have broadband. You can have DSL broadband without having use of a "telephone" line it's called a DATA LINE. Where you can... Read More »

Do you need a Telephone line in order to have direct tv?

I do not have a phone line and I have DirecTV...mine connects through the internet --------- If you are thinking about ordering and you tell them you were refereed by a friend (My Account # 03624... Read More »