Do i need a router for only one computer?

Answer On One Hand: Router BenefitsUsing a router with one computer provides security and firewall capabilities for a single computer connected to the Internet. Security and firewall software blocks unaut... Read More »

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I been told i need a router and receiver to allow me to use my computer in any room i only have 1 computer?

you dont need a reciever. if your laptop has wireless built in then all you need is a wireless router. it should give you range of up to 300 ft with most routers. if your laptop does not have wirel... Read More »

Is there any point in having a router if you only have one computer?

A router also acts as a physical firewall, better than software firewalls. You can use both together for added protection to ward off hackers, etc. :)

Why Do I Need a Router for My Computer?

Many of us have heard of the term "router." We know they play some role in our daily computer use, but we may wonder exactly why we need one. Routers actually provide a crucial service to our Inter... Read More »

Why Do I Need a Router for My Home Computer?

A router is a device that allows more than one computer to connect to the same Internet connection. Through either a wired or wireless setup, the computers connect to the router, which manages the ... Read More »