Do i need a printer to work at a home survey?

Answer Only if they require that you print things out.

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I need some help with my home audio setup. Can this work or do I need to get a reciever to hook up everything?

that will work fine, hook the upconvert dvd (video portion) directly to the tv i recommend using composit video (3 cables for video only), then use the digital audio (fiber optic) from the dvd to t... Read More »

How do I access a printer on my home network using my work laptop?

Using a printer on a home network allows several computers to use one printer to print documents. There are two ways to set up a network. You can set up a wireless network that is connected by wire... Read More »

I need an all in one printer for personal (home office) use, at a decent price?

I bought the basic Brother brand model. It was around $199 I believe and works great and has proven to be a great brand.

Can any one tell me a good inkjet printer and its model numberi need it for home use.?

That's difficult because it does depend on your budget.The Canon Pixma 3000 is a great buy but they don't make it anymore. Any of it's succeeding models should work well the Read More »