Do i need a new processor?

Answer It's a judgement call, but as you add things and use a computer and processors, they slow down, a fact of life. You can add to but it doesn't always fix the issues. You might want to take it to a... Read More »

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To play electric guitar at home what i need Do I need Amps and Processor, both of them?

How much processor speed do I need?

Windows Vista requires 800MHz of processor speed. The average computer (2009) has a 2GHz processor. Most computer programs and operating systems can run effectively with 2GHz. High end applications... Read More »

I need a processor and a motherboard for 7000 Rupees?

hi,jake here try it worked for me also try ebay

What CPU(Processor) should I get NEED HELP!!?

You have an AM2+Here's a list of AM2+ Processors.…Don't listen to the person who answered before me. You need a motherboard with an LGA1155 slot to fit any... Read More »