Do i need a charge controller when using solar panels?

Answer On One Hand: Voltage and Current RegulationA charge controller is placed between the solar panels and the batteries to regulate the voltage and current coming from the solar panels. Most solar pane... Read More »

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How to Charge 12V Batteries With Solar Panels?

When left inactive, 12-volt car batteries discharge small amounts of amp-hours. Over long periods of time, this discharge may render the battery inoperative and make starting your car impossible wi... Read More »

Where to buy solar panels?

If you're not looking for a DIY type of project go to have a network of installers they work with around the country so they should be able connect you with so... Read More »

How to Buy Solar Panels?

Small solar panel Solar PanelToday, more and more people are looking to find ways to reduce their electricity expenses.  One way to accomplish this is to limit the use of any electrical appliances... Read More »

Are solar panels AC or DC?

Solar panels produce energy in the form of direct current. Most household power is alternating current. To make solar power useful for residential electricity, an inverter is needed to convert DC t... Read More »