Do i need a better heatsink for this CPU?

Answer If you're going to be doing some gaming or other CPU intensive tasks, get the upgraded fan/heatsinks. It will help the CPU run cooler and last longer while you're doing those high-performance tasks... Read More »

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What should I do about a new heatsink?

It should fit, but if not you can easily DIY it on there. I have a five year old frankenstiened Asus laptop from costco I love to play with, and believe me these computers nowadays can tolerate qui... Read More »

Best low profile cpu heatsink?

this one is low profile and good…

Should I try to reattach the heatsink?

Even minimum usage i would reattach the heat shrink possible of overheating

When replacing a heatsink fan?

Either will "work", but the 3 pin will give you variable speeds for the fan, so that it is more efficient for cooling. The 3 pin on the motherboard can be controlled in the BIOS. The molex is just ... Read More »