Do i need a C1/D visa if I have a green card?

Answer If you have a green card, you do not need a C1/D crewman visa. A C1/D visa allows a foreign crewman serving aboard a a vessel or aircraft to stay in the U.S. for up to 29 days, whereas a green car... Read More »

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Do I need a visa to Canada if i have a green card?

A green card holder, or official United States resident, does not need a visa to enter Canada. Citizens of many countries with United Nations membership, such as Switzerland, England and Australia,... Read More »

Do u.s. green card holders need a tourist visa to enter mexico?

U.S. green card holders do not need a tourist visa to enter Mexico. Green card holders are issued a tourist card on the plane or at the port of entry, permitting them to travel to Mexico for busine... Read More »

Do I have to have a Visa to cross the U.S. border if I have a permanent resident green card?

Permanent residents of the United States that wish to travel to Canada or Mexico do not need a visa to re-enter the country; they just need to show proof of their status in the United States. This ... Read More »

Can you use a Green Dot Visa card to rent a car?

Yes, as long as the car rental company accepts Visa cards. A rental company will authorize your card for much more than the rental fee to cover expenses such as gasoline, car damage or extra fees. ... Read More »