Do i masterbate to much or not enough to become smarter?

Answer so far it is not working.

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Im girls masterbate as much as guys or what?

Yeah we doEDIT- There might be an average of who masturbates more, but I've been through stages when I masturbated like 10 or more times a day. It depends on the individual person. I've got 17 year... Read More »

What would make you smarter enough to get out of college really fast?

Good Diction? The amount of time spent obtaining a four year degree has little to do with intelligence, it's up to you how many credit hours you take per semester or whether or not you choose to d... Read More »

How do you become a contestant on are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Seth Aaron won the finale in April 2010 out of 16 contestants who started the season.

Worried about getting enough nutrition if I become a vegetarian?

If you are eating a wide variety of wholesome, natural foods (fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes...) and getting enough calories, you shouldn't worry about getting enough nutrition/protein! Eatin... Read More »