I look pretty in the morrning then after a few hours at school i look disgusting?

Answer to keep your face from 'melting' try using an oil obsorbing serum before you put on makeupit keeps your face dry thoughtout the day so you dont get any smudgesalso, try wearing LESS makeup!school i... Read More »

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How to Look Pretty?

Looking pretty begins on the inside with a positive self image, and emanates to the outer person that the rest of the world sees. But there are also things you can do to maximize the prettiness of ... Read More »

How to Look Pretty in Glasses?

Do you ever think your glasses are a major turn-off? Well throw those thoughts away and follow this guide to keep you looking your best in those specs!

How to Look Pretty at the Age of 9 12 (Pre Teen)?

Trust me, looking pretty isn't hard. You don't need to be slim, naturally beautiful or popular to be able to look amazing. I live in England, every girl suffers to look beautiful daily. To be hones... Read More »

Why do I look so dull and not pretty?

its wat u were born to be ugly so people like us can make fun of u and have a great time ...