Today; Good day or Bad day?

Answer Bad ******* dayYesterday was amazing, I loved it.Today I woke up late and felt like crap, fell asleep again and again throughout the day and I looked a ******* mess wearing awful clothes. Finally s... Read More »

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Was your day good or bad today?

I have had much much worse, so It was a good day. I have had better too.(work wise). My social life is good for this day. I hope you have a good weekend.

Did I eat good today...!!?

The correct form is actually "Did I eat WELL today?".Anyways, I think that you need more protein in your diet for today. You also did not get any fruit. Keep in mind, that even if you do incorporat... Read More »

Do you have any really good ideas for today Sad Songs?

I don't want look spammy but I made my own playlist of about 100 "Saddest Songs Ever".I'm sure you'll find a few songs you'll love in there.Lost Cause by BeckNaked As We Came by Iron And WineThe Tr... Read More »

I've been in the sun for 6 hours today and I don't feel good. What could it be?

You have sun poisoning:avoid the sun as much as possibleyou might want to stay home because you will feel dizzy and might get get a cold because you are now more vulnerable to viruses because the s... Read More »