Do i just have a headache and should i see doctor?

Answer Sounds like a tumor. You should see the doctor right away.

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I hit my head after diving in a swimming pool, 3 hours later i still have a headache. Should i see a doctor?

You probably have a concussion. If the symptoms increase, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizzy or seeing stars, go see a doctor immediately. Right now, just lay down, tell someone about your injury so... Read More »

How long should a headache last before seeing a doctor?

According to the Mayo Clinic, tension headaches are most common. Mayo Clinic doctors advise seeing a doctor if your headaches disrupt your daily life or if you need to take medicine for them more t... Read More »

I've got a headache, and all I can smell is pancakes. Should I call a doctor or something?

Did you switch to a new pancake scented laundry detergent?

Where does my headache go after I take Ibuprophen. About 40 minutes ago, I had a massive headache. I'm just ?

haha i think about that stuff too all the time where does it go for real lol