Do i just have a headache and should i see doctor?

Answer Sounds like a tumor. You should see the doctor right away.

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How long should a headache last before seeing a doctor?

According to the Mayo Clinic, tension headaches are most common. Mayo Clinic doctors advise seeing a doctor if your headaches disrupt your daily life or if you need to take medicine for them more t... Read More »

I've got a headache, and all I can smell is pancakes. Should I call a doctor or something?

Did you switch to a new pancake scented laundry detergent?

I hit my head after diving in a swimming pool, 3 hours later i still have a headache. Should i see a doctor?

You probably have a concussion. If the symptoms increase, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizzy or seeing stars, go see a doctor immediately. Right now, just lay down, tell someone about your injury so... Read More »

Difference between a migraine tension headache and a sinus headache?

Migraine and sinus headaches are two fairly common maladies that can make life miserable. Though occasionally they are confused because of some similar symptoms, their causes and remedies are very ... Read More »