Do i have ugly teeth [i have pictures]?

Answer They look nice and white. 90% of them are lined up right. I'm sure you have a nice smile. With all the rotten sets of teeth out there, people will like your smile. You don't have one of those awful... Read More »

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Is this gap between my teeth ugly on me?

Not at all, you are very handsome and

Do you think im ugly (pictures!)?

I don't think you're ugly at all, you have gorgeous eyes! Anyway, you just need to get some confidence, because that in itself is unattractive.

Is my hair UGLY! PICTURES!?

Wow, you are really pretty. Naww, I like your hair =) You should see MINE. Now that is poofy (curly)

I am really ugly. what can i do to improve the way i look (pictures).?

Yup you think your really ugly yeh right!FIRST IMPROVEMENT PUT UR BOOBS AWAY