Do i have to shut off my computer every day, or can it still on 7/24?

Answer You can leave it on 24/7 with the monitor turned off, especially if you have a fan. I shut it off so it saves electricity some. ^_^

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I have to say shut up to my sister every day how do you get her to shut up without duck tape?

There are many ways:Ignore her; She just wants attention.Bribe herThreaten her; in a harmless wayTell someonePut her somewhere elseOR you can beat her up.

Do you shut your computer off every night?

Hard Drive life is measured in Hours of Operation. Unless your hosting or downloading huge files that require overnight usage, turn it off. The average service life of a hard disk is usually give... Read More »

Is it okay to shut down my computer every night ?

It is absolutely fine. The hard drive is unaffected by closing down. In fact it saves it a little wear and tear not having to operate and gives the cooling fans a rest too. Saves you electricity.Pu... Read More »

Will downloads still continue if the computer is shut off completely?

No, turning off your computer disconnects it from the internet.