Do i have to reset my printer after refill?

Answer It depends upon what type of printer you have.. If you have an epson you will have to purchase a chip re-setter. If you have an HP or canon, you cannot reset the cartridge.

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Can I reset the xerox 3045b printer for refill the cartrige freely?

Yes, you can. But, it could be a little bit of hassle. You can reset it by following proper direction. You might get some help from right here.

I just got ncr universal black inkjet refill kit my printer is a hp 61/61 XL how do i refill it?

Excellent instructions, with a diagram, for filling the HP 60/60 XL cartridge here, my friend.

I bought a #93 Hp Printer refill and originally myHp printer came with a #75 ink cartridge. Is there any issue?

Typically you have to match the HP cartridge numbers. However you could try to use the #93 HP Ink Cartridge and see if that works.…

Is it true that ink refill can damage the printer or can cause of poor quality of the printer?

If done incorrectly, yes. Normally, the problem is that most people don't know how to recap the cartridge, allowing the ink to spill everywhere inside the printer while it's printing, causing A LOT... Read More »