Do i have to pay child support if we are not married?

Answer Absolutely. Paternity makes you responsible for supporting your own child whether you were married to the mother or not.If paternity is established, child support is due regardless of marital status.

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Do you still have to pay child support if the mother of your child is married to someone in the military?

Yes. Another man is not going to have to pay for your child just because he is married to the mother. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

If you get married to a man that legally adopts your child and you get divorced does he have to pay child support?

My ex girlfriend is married and has 1 yr old and is pregnant with another child both by her husband will that increase the amount of child support I pay her for the 5 yr old I have have with her?

It should not lead to an increase in child support. It may lead to a decrease. The cost of supporting three children is significantly less, per child, than the cost of one child. There are many s... Read More »

Do I have to pay child support if my ex gets married?

Yes. Even if your "ex" gets married the child is still your child and you have to support your own child.