Do i have to pass the asvab to join the national guard?

Answer Both the National Guard and the Reserve use the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery in determining eligibility for enlistment. Each service requires a certain minimum score on the Armed Forc... Read More »

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Can people join the national guard for schoolastic reasons and then join the usmc?

If you join the coast guard and your husband is in the national guard will you be separated?

Separation in the military (used to be) SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). The US military is not "as military" as it used to be; it's nearly half law enforcement and half the Coast... Read More »

How old do you have to be to join the National Guard?

According to the National Guard website, you have to be at least 17, with your parent's permission, to join. If you join at 17 you will become part of the Split Training program, where you begin tr... Read More »

Can you join the National Guard with a GED?

You can enlist in the Army National Guard if you have either a GED or a traditional high school diploma. The National Guard also offers enlistment opportunities to high school seniors and to people... Read More »