Do i have to file taxes if i get ssi?

Answer Taxes must be paid on SSI earnings above the maximum allowed by the tax code. Earnings made in conjunction with SSI benefits are also taxable. Certain states add money to the federal SSI program, a... Read More »

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Do I have to file taxes in a state where I have a rental property?

Because rental properties can be a source of taxable income, it must be reported in both federal and state tax forms. Aside from income taxes, property taxes will need to be accounted for in the st... Read More »

Do condominiums that have a business checking account without interest have to file taxes?

If the condominium is an association -- a legal entity in your state -- then the association must file at least a federal tax return, regardless of income and expense levels. State and local tax re... Read More »

Do I have to file taxes for my 2 year old?

It's not dumb - you can see by the variety of answers that you got that it's not something everyone knows. People who don't know, of course, should not be answering tax questions here, but that's ... Read More »

Do minors have to file taxes?

Minors have to file taxes, depending on their level of income and a variety of circumstances such as where the income is derived from. Physical disabilities and other issues also come into play. Ul... Read More »