Do i have to bleach my hair ?

Answer No. all you need is a color stripper. what it does is it takes away all the dye and tries to leave your hair to its natural color as close as it can. after that, dye it the color you want to (:

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How many times do I have to bleach My hair?

I would try one more time. If that doesn't make it light enough I would either bleach it once more or dry Manic Panic's white, which will make it turquoise.…

I want to dip dye/ ombre my hair, do i have to bleach it first?

I didn't bleach mine when i did it, although it depends on what colour your hair is and the colour you want to dye it. I have lightish brown hair and I had the semi-permanent hair dye from StarGaze... Read More »

I have hair on my upper lip I wanna bleach it but im scared. Should I?

Please avoid bleach on your skin. Be natural, Leave the way you are.

How to Bleach Hair With 40 Bleach?

If you are trying to achieve white-blond, platinum blond, a bright color or if you have very dark hair and are just trying to go much lighter, you must bleach your hair. This will strip away any co... Read More »