Do i have the qualities to be a leagal guardian in the UK?

Answer While many locales have set up safe places to drop off babies who would otherwise be abandoned, the intent was not to provide the same option for older children.

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How can someone convince their guardian to let them go somewhere when their guardian is unsure about the idea of letting them go?

um, if it is somewhere were there isn't gonna be any parents, so that's wot their worried about you could get a friend to pretend to be the 'parent' and call then say that yeah yeah, its all gonna ... Read More »

What is a closed adoption is it leagal?

A closed adoption is legal. The birth parents choose a couple and give the child to them without meeting them. There is no contact between the birthparents and child. All the child knows is health ... Read More »

How can your friends parents get leagal gurdianship of you?

They need to file a "child in need of care" motion in the court with evidence showing the child is not beng cared for properly, or abused in the family home. Simply being a teenager not wanting to ... Read More »

Can apple brick your phone now that jailbreaking is leagal?

i think they still will because they are doing anything to stop you from jailbreaking.