Do i have a disorder, if i gain to much weight than i feel like i am 600 lbs?

Answer It sounds like you may be dealing with body distortion. It's a disorder that some people go through, and basically every time you look in the mirror, even though physically you may look really thin... Read More »

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I ate too much and now I gain weight I feel so horrible I cant describe it?

Yeah, but look at your diet. You're eating 500 calories a day, that's dangerous. No wonder your body gave, that happens when you're starving it. You should be eating no less than a 1200 calorie min... Read More »

I am 5'7" and 98 lbs......I want to gain weight, but I feel I have an ED?

I don't know about an ED, but for sure you have a bad self-image. It's not fatal, but the way you feel about yourself can really affect other aspects of your life, like the people you bring into yo... Read More »

Am I under weight If so than how can I gain weight in a healthy way?

simple. eat more!most people think ooh unhealthy foods when people ssay eat more but you can easily gain weight with healthy good food that still tastes delicious!eat salads with avocado, lettuce, ... Read More »

If you get your periods 10days late afterthat feel nausea headaches bloated stomach loss og appetite but still gain weight and now feel pain in your right leg does it mean you m pregnant or ovulating?

AnswerYou are definitely pregnant think about your period has not come yet and your gain weight and throwing up those are all symptoms of your being pregnant