Do i hard reset by taking the sd card&battery out?

Answer On One Hand: Taking Out The BatteryA hard reset restores a cellular phone to its factory settings, according to Jeremiah Nelson, a Verizon store manager in Richmond, Virginia. He says you can't tak... Read More »

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How should I have my PC Fan on my hard drives. Blowing in, or taking out?

I'd have the fan pull the air out of the computer case. Pulling air out of the case removes the hot air from the electrical components. Electronics that are subjected to higher temperatures actua... Read More »

How do I Hard Reset N95?

The Nokia N95 is a smart phone introduced in 2007 that features a 5-megapixel camera, wireless LAN and Bluetooth support, and an internal memory capacity of about 150 megabytes. The Symbian OS 9.2 ... Read More »

Can you germinate seeds by taking off the hard shell or covering?

no.... mother nature set them up the way they are for a reason..... you do not have a 'better idea' than hers.....

How do I wipe the hard drive on a PC before taking to the rubbish skip?

actually I disagree with James about donating the rest of the pc to a thrift shop (I've read articles on this). If the pc is basically obsolete and not working a thrift shop doesn't have the time o... Read More »