Do i get cables with this DVD burner Like IDE Cables.?

Answer I agree with IBMGuy, my friend, that OEM devices rarely, if ever, come with cables.You do realise, don't you that DVD drive that you post a link for is a SATA model, and NOT IDE?

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How to set up DVD player with rca cables to hdtv with component cables?

If the DVD player doesn't have COMPONENT connectors, you will have to use a input on the TV that has RCA input connectors.

Which has better sound output: hdmi cables or optical cables?

Optical cables (and digital coaxial cables) are capable of all the audio formats supported by DVD-Video.That includes 1.5 Mbps dts, 448 Kbps Dolby Digital and Linear PCM stereo tracks up to 24-bit/... Read More »

What is the major difference between patch cables&the installed cat3 or cat5 cables?

Patch cables are designed for flexibility and are composed of stranded copper conductors. CAT-3 and CAT-5 are typically solid cables, which are designed for use in longer runs through walls and cei... Read More »

What is the difference of componet cables vs the red,white & yellow cables?

yellow usually goes to video and the red and white(or black) goes to the audio.the red/green/blue are for composite videos.. used for progressive scan dvd players. its is not interchangable.since y... Read More »