Do i get any cash back if i refinance my car?

Answer On One Hand: It's Theoretically PossibleIf you owe less than your car is worth, minus any loan fees attached to the refinancing, and you borrow against the whole value of your car, any excess will ... Read More »

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What is a no-cash out refinance?

No cash-out refinance mortgages allow homeowners to lower their monthly mortgage payment by refinancing at a reduced interest rate.ProcedureHomeowners must fill out a new loan application for consi... Read More »

Do you pay tax on a cash-out refinance?

Although you walk away from a cash-out refinance with money in your pocket, you do not pay tax on it. That's because that money isn't actually income. It's a loan, and you will pay it back every mo... Read More »

What is a no cash-out refinance?

No cash-out refinances create a new mortgage. The new mortgage amount cannot exceed the sum of the closing costs, remaining balance on existing mortgages and any discount points, according to Broke... Read More »

Can you do a cash out refinance with an FHA mortgage?

On One Hand: FHA Allows Cash OutsThere are two basic types of mortgage refinances, a cash out refinance and a rate-and-term refinance. A cash out refinance allows the borrower to refinance the curr... Read More »