Do i actually have to wear my invisalign for 22 hours everyday?

Answer Yes, it will make a difference. If you don't wear them 22 hours a day, they will not work. You will have wasted a lot of time and money for nothing. You MUST wear them 22 hours a day, period, no... Read More »

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How Many Hours Per Day Should You Wear Invisalign?

Some of the wireless drivers in Ubuntu Linux are among the few hardware components that do not automatically install out of the box. There is also a chance of installing the incorrect drivers, rend... Read More »

Is it ok to wear contacts everyday for 8 hours(I have astigmatism in one of my eyes)?

The astigmatism in the one eye is probably not a significant amount or your doctor would not have given you contacts without the astigmatic correction.Your dad may not like my answer, but contacts ... Read More »

How long do you have to wear invisalign?

Regardless of the type of braces, it all depends on your own teeth. Some move faster than others. My Invisalign treatment was suppose to take 12 months, but it only took 5 months. They can give ... Read More »

How many hours of sleep should I get about everyday?

Start to wake up when you want to.. lets say 7 in the morning or whatever time you wake up.Then at night go to sleep when you are tired. your body will know when it needs sleep if you always wake... Read More »