Do hydrogen car generators really work?

Answer On One Hand: They Shouldn't WorkPhysicists are quick to point out that the hydrogen or oxyhydrogen gas produced by a hydrogen booster cannot possibly contain more energy than it took to split the w... Read More »

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Do hydrogen generators work?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Generators WorkBy adding a hydrogen generator to your vehicle, you will supplement regular fuel and increase mileage. A hydrogen generator creates the hydrogen from water usin... Read More »

Do it Yourself Hydrogen Generators for Cars?

You can modify a standard car engine to run on hydrogen combustion by adding a hydrogen generator to the existing engine. Using detailed manuals available from ebook retailers you can collect the m... Read More »

What Is the Truth About Hydrogen Generators?

Hydrogen power has often been touted as an alternative fuel for a post-fossil fuel future. While hydrogen has some advantages as a means to store energy, it also suffers from a variety of limitatio... Read More »

Do hydrogen generators increase mileage?

There is no consensus on whether hydrogen generators increase gas mileage. Some experts state that reducing gas usage by burning hydrogen obviously increases gas mileage, while others state that t... Read More »