Dark souls pc LAG HELP!?

Answer liam know what you are talking about before answering. Dark souls is just a very bad port. FPS is locked to 30 and I get lag spikes everytime I move quickly. I use 2x ati 6770 in crossfire. I ... Read More »

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Do androids have souls?

An android has no more of a soul than a rock does.

How to Get the Treasure at the End of 3-1 "Demon's Souls"?

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How to Aim Manually With Your Bow in "Demon's Souls"?

Released for the PlayStation 3 in 2009, "Demon's Souls" features a gameplay style combining action and role-playing in the fictional kingdom of Boletaria. Among the available weapons offered to pla... Read More »

"Well of Souls": How to Create a World?

Well of Souls is a computer role-playing game from Synthetic Reality that allows you to design and create your own worlds. Downloading the free game gives you access to the open-source text files t... Read More »