Do household air fresheners affect household plants?

Answer On One Hand: Air Fresheners Make Houseplants Work HarderHouseplants remove toxins from the air and provide the environment with clean, filtered oxygen. According to the Environmental Protection Age... Read More »

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How to Transition from Being a Candy Household to Being a Health Food Household?

With the comfort and convenience of cheap foods nowadays, it becomes easy for a family to get stuck in a rut of buying and eating them even with the knowledge of it having no nutritional value and ... Read More »

Household Items to Add Nitrogen to Plants?

Household items that add nitrogen to plants are primarily vegetable and fruit scraps added to soil after composting. Coffee grounds are a good source of kitchen waste rich in nitrogen. Gray water f... Read More »

Will this gigantic oil spill directly affect household tap water on the mainland in the US and neighboring countries?

No it should not as the oil spill is in salt water. Unless a city on the coast near the spill draws their drinking water from the ocean and desalinates it it shouldent effect the population on the ... Read More »

A List of Dangerous Household Foods & Plants for Dogs?

Ingesting certain foods or plants can lead to grave consequences for dogs--consequences that include coma or death. Symptoms can occur within minutes or take days to manifest. If you suspect your d... Read More »