Do carpenter bees have stingers?

Answer Male carpenter bees lack stingers. Only female carpenter bees have stingers, although they seldom attack humans, unless they feel threatened or if they are touched. Male carpenter bees are aggressi... Read More »

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Do boring bees have stingers?

only the female has the stinger...she's the one that does the boring...the males are the ones that fly all around you when you go out into the yard, they have no stingers

Are honey bees useful?

Most plants require insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another, and most of this pollination is done by bees. Without pollination, plants would not produce seeds or fruit, so bees are n... Read More »

How to Buy Honey Bees?

Beekeeping is on the rise as more people become aware of the benefits of homegrown honey. People use honey to sweeten food in a much healthier way than sugar. Local honey may also help in the manag... Read More »

Allergic to honey, what about bees?

not unless you're allergic to pollenso no, you cannot be allergic to bees