Do homeowner bylaws expire with the covenants?

Answer There is no standard. If there is an expiry condition of the governing documents, that detail is written within them. Otherwise, if your state law dictates expiry, and there is no mention of expir... Read More »

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Can homeowner association covenants be enforced legally?

Yes. The governing documents establish a 'private democracy' and every owner who purchases a 'unit' within the community agrees to abide by them.It's the responsibility of the board to enforce the ... Read More »

Can a lease not approved by homeowner association covenants be voided legally?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the association has the responsibility or authority to approve leases. If so, then the owner has the responsibility to present a lease for... Read More »

Can a homeowners association establish new bylaws would these bylaws have to be added to the original deeds for each unit?

Generally, yes. The right to amend bylaws or establish new bylaws is usually reserved in the documents that created the condominium and its HOA. Those documents should outline the procedure. As to ... Read More »

If a homeowner pays for roofing repairs or other services in a condominium due to shortage of funds should the association reimburse the homeowner?

The key phrase in your question is 'shortage of funds'. If the association borrows money from its owners to make repairs, then the owners and the association need a written agreement that details ... Read More »