Do homeopaths have a nasty side?

Answer The name of the show is "cure or con." Before the show even airs, homeopaths get busy with the rallying, assuming the program will pick "con." Hmmm, very telling.

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How can skeptics have a dialogue with homeopaths?

Natural Healing Through The Ages:While natural therapies been described as the wave of the future, they're actually much older than Western treatments such as surgeries and antibiotics. Experts est... Read More »

Why do professional Homeopaths have a Bachelor of Science degree and 4 years of medical training?

To anyone that is well informed and educated it is evident that professional Homeopaths are as qualified as conventional MDs to provide medical services.However, in a very short time I have discove... Read More »

How can homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and other quacks treat patients when they have no training...?

Because apart from herbals, what they are practicing is essentially worthless. No scientific or medical knowledge is required because acupuncture and homoeopathy have no scientific basis. Both viol... Read More »

Do I have OCD Or just a nasty habit?

"I have this habit that I can't shake..." It is probably nothing more than that, a habit. Everyone has at least one habit that they have been doing as long as they can remember, i.e. bitting finger... Read More »