Do homemade windmills&solar panels work?

Answer On One Hand: Electric Costs CutHome windmills and solar panels can cut electric bills dramatically, by 90 percent in some cases. Whether you build your own homemade windmills and solar panels or pu... Read More »

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Do Solar Panels Work at an Angle?

Solar panels are most effective when at the proper angle, known as the angle of declination, and, in the Northern Hemisphere, when facing south. Although they can be installed parallel to a buildin... Read More »

How do solar panels work in winter?

In today's environmentally conscious atmosphere, green building is very popular. In addition to such methods as reclaiming old wood for flooring and using energy-efficient appliances, installing so... Read More »

How do solar panels work on homes?

A solar home system harnesses energy from the sun to provide power to the home directly during the day and to charge batteries for use at night. During the day, electricity captured by the solar pa... Read More »

Can solar panels or shingles work in the snow?

Solar panels will work in snow, but any snow on the panel will reduce the amount of light getting to the array. Naturally that reduces its effectiveness. A thin layer cuts a chunk off the output, a... Read More »