Do home teeth whiteneng kits work Which ones are good?

Answer the ones bought out of the shop don't work i have tried them now i use the one from the dentist and is soooo much better

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Is there any natural or home made remedies for teeth whitening that actually work or any good toothpastes?

Most toothpaste has fluoride in it. It is the cleaning agent that whitens the teeth. It can stain our teeth, too. What a pity. It has its benefits water in our taps contains fluoride as well. Nobod... Read More »

Are colon cleansers safe and which ones work?

On One Hand: Proponents Believe they Detoxify the Body.Proponents of colon cleansing believe in the theory of autointoxication---that undigested foods cause build-ups in the colon and that the buil... Read More »

I am trying to get shoes but which ones are good for a boy?

some simple vans go well with anything and they're pretty comfortable and affordable

Home Theatre Cables: Expensive Ones vs. Inexpensive Ones ?

Check out some home theater forums like AVSforum and others. Members have done blind and equipment tested...tests.I personally buy from monoprice . com. So do TONS of people from real home theater ... Read More »