Do home owner associations need to inform you that you are not accepted?

Answer Read your governing documents to verify that the association has the power to accept or reject ownership of the real estate covered by the association. As well, the association may not have power t... Read More »

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When do home owner s associations need to get a employer Identification Number?

Associations are typically corporations -- non-profit is common -- and when they hire employees, not vendors, then they need an employer ID, usually for tax purposes. As well, there is a tax-payer ... Read More »

Do budgets for Home Owner Associations in Washington State need to be approved by the association membership?

No. The membership can vote against a budget, and this action may require a super-majority of membership votes to be present at the budget ratification meeting in order for a budget to be defeated.... Read More »

Are home owner associations responsible for picking up dog feces?

Dog owners are always responsible for picking up dog feces, regardless of where the dog lives or who owns the property where the dog makes a deposit. Home owner associations are responsible for fin... Read More »

Renters rights with home owner associations?

When you rent a unit/ home/ apartment that is owned by a member of a condominium, co-op or home owners association, you are subject to the rules and regulations set out in the governing documents f... Read More »