Do home cell repeaters work?

Answer On One Hand: Home Cell Repeaters WorkIn general home cell repeaters work quite well. They pick up the existing signal and make it stronger. If you get a weak signal at home, for example one bar on ... Read More »

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Do passive cell repeaters work?

On One Hand: Passive Cell Phone Repeaters WorkPassive cell phone repeaters work by boosting the cell phone signal to your phone. A passive cell phone repeater system consists of an outside antenna,... Read More »

I was on the train coming home from work Friday and this woman on her cell phone?

Oh man, I'm on the subway every day back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan and have to transfer at least once each way, and believe me, I hear stuff that people say on cell phones all the time, ... Read More »

Anyone have any experience with wireless repeaters?

You Can use TP link routers or reapter,routers can also be set to use tplink they are also less expensive,trusted,durable

What is the maximum distance between t1 repeaters?

T1 repeaters may be located as far as 5,000 to 6,000 feet, or around one mile, apart. The specific ranges vary depending on the equipment used. Some repeaters can be separated by as much as 1.3 mil... Read More »