Do hisense HDTVs come with built in digital tuners?

Answer If it's a HDTV then yes it should come with built in digital tuners

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Will TiVo Series 2 tuners work with digital TV?

TiVo Series 2 television tuners, the first DVR tuners with the ability to record two shows at once, are compatible with digital TV. However, they are only able to record one incoming digital televi... Read More »

Will digital USB 2.0 TV tuners work after everything goes digital?

By definition, a digital tuner should work with digital TV. To be more specific, though, for your USB 2.0 tuner to work with over-the-air signals, it will need to have an ATSC tuner. To use it wi... Read More »

How to Compare Digital TV Tuners?

Digital TV tuners describes any technology or accessory that allows digital television signals to be transmitted to a computer. You can compare these tuners by a range of factors and features.

Do all DHTV have digital tuners?

High-definition televisions (HDTVs) produced before March 1, 2007, may or may not have a digital tuner. However, all televisions sold in the United States after that date are required to have a dig... Read More »