Do high heels hurt?

Answer I have 3-5 inch heels,Ican wear them all day but it depends on your feet.Some girls say they hurt because there feet just aren't mentfor the heels so I would try a 3 inch if u are just barely start... Read More »

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Do high heels really hurt your feet....?

I don't, I cannot bear them comfort zone for me never wear shoes or boots with over a 2" heel.

Ladies: Don't high heels hurt your feet and if so why do you wear them?

some heels are more comfortable than others. if they don't fit right they can give you blisters but so can sandals and even gym shoes. but well fitting heels are fine unless you have them on for lo... Read More »

Are you cautious that wearing high heels is dangerous to ladiesDo you always prefer to use high heels?

Yes,wearing high heels is dangerous to ladies.Followings are reasons and hence not prefer to use high heels for some special party requirement.They can cause foot pain. They increase likelihood of ... Read More »

Are high heels so high that girls are looking as tall as guys in NIGHTCLUB environments Or what?

It's high heels. Heels are more in fashion now and it seems like the higher they are, the better. But yeah, it's weird isn't it? How do they walk in those monsters? O.O