Do high doses of Valerian root extract damage the liver?

Answer First of all. Sunny is totally incorrect on all counts. Valium and Valerian have absolutely NOTHING in common other than a similar sounding name. They share no chemistry, no similar structure, no c... Read More »

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Where can I get smaller doses of Valerian Root?

I've only been ably to find it in 400-600mg myself. If it is capsules that you can pull apart, you could always open it up and separate the powder into halves. Or empty out half the powder and cl... Read More »

Does kava root cause liver damage?

Pacific Islanders have been consuming kava for centuries with no liver problems at all.The liver damage scare was caused by an unscrupulous kava growing selling a batch of stems and leaves to an Eu... Read More »

Valerian Fresh Root vs. Dried Root?

Fresh and dried valerian root share many of the same qualities, but the dried root has many more applications than the fresh root. Dried valerian root can be stored for longer periods and is more c... Read More »

What is valerian extract?

Valerian is a plant native to Europe, and its extract is a liquid derived by pressing the roots of the plant. Natural medical practitioners have used valerian extract in the treatment of insomnia a... Read More »