Do herbs cause incontinence?

Answer On One Hand: Probably NotVictoria Abreo, alternative medicine editor for the website BellaOnline, reports that most of the causes of incontinence are physiological, such as stretched or weakened pe... Read More »

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What is the difference between fresh herbs and dried herbs?

there is a big difference in taste, texture , color and visual appeal to a dish. dried herbs can give a dish a 'hot' taste and i don't mean spicy. Use fresh when ever possible ,they are so much b... Read More »

How to Replace Fresh Herbs With Dried Herbs?

When a recipe calls for fresh herbs but you're all out of them, it it possible to substitute dried herbs on many occasions. However, it is important to know how to do this successfully, something f... Read More »

Do you pronounce "herbs" as erbs or herbs?

Where I'm from (New England), we ALWAYS say "erbs" (as in "erbs and spices"). In fact, I don't recall ever hearing someone even on television pronounce the "h." However, I think in other English-s... Read More »

I'm having incontinence! Help?

Have you seen your Dr for this? They could help you out with ideas that could help. I know losing weight will help and also doing Kegel exercises help. With the urine leaking out says that you prob... Read More »