Do heel seats really work?

Answer On One Hand: The Web site offer positive testimonialsHTP (Heal That Pain) heel seats are designed to relieve pain from ordinary running, heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. HTP's website offers testi... Read More »

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Do booster seats really work?

On One Hand: Any Booster Seat is Safer than no SeatAccording to the ABC News article "Is Your Child's Booster Seat Safe?", children riding in a booster seat are 45 percent less likely to be injured... Read More »

How long does a really deep wrist cut take to heel?

depends on your definition of heal. a few days to scab, then a few weeks for the scab to come off. after that, a a few months to a few years for the scar to fade.

My heel hurts really bad. is it broken or something like a stress fracture?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this pain/soreness, it must be frustrating.There are many factors for foot pain, the most common one is bad footwear and a combination of specific foot b... Read More »

Are there any places that sells really feminine high heel boots for guys?

If your feet are smaller than a women's size 11 then just go to any place and pick out a pair of women's high heels that you like. Don't be afraid to try them on. Most stores don't care if you're... Read More »