Do heartworm preventives really work?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, They Prevent Heartworm DiseaseDogs get heartworm disease when adult heartworms in the heart mate, producing microfilaria. If a mosquito feeds on infected dogs, it will ingest the ... Read More »

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Does Revolution flea and heartworm control work?

On One Hand: Effective if Used RegularlyRevolution works well if applied properly. According to the product's website, Revolution works by entering the bloodstream and intestinal tract of animals. ... Read More »

How is heartworm contracted?

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal condition caused by a species of roundworms that attacks dogs, cats and other animals. The heartworm requires several stages and hosts to advance through it... Read More »

Why Don't Humans Get Heartworm?

According to the American Heartworm Society, The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery of 1847 makes first mention of heartworm in dogs of the United States. Heartworm was discovered in cats late... Read More »

Heartworm Facts?

The American Heartworm Society refers to dogs as the "definitive host" of heartworm disease. The disease costs a lot less to prevent than it does to cure. The disease could be eradicated in the U.... Read More »