Do headphones work for xbox live?

Answer The manual for the LG800G shows describes a "handsfree or stereo earphone connector." It requires a (larger than some) 3.5mm male plug.

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How to Use Headphones on Xbox Live?

If you don't want to wake your parents or roommates/flatmates, or anyone next door with your loud TV blaring so you can hear an enemy walking or running nearby on Xbox live, what you need is to use... Read More »

How do you use your headphones to Xbox live?

I know the 3.5 MM Headphone Male Jack (the end of our headphone cable) is too big to just plug into the XBOX controller. I Would expect their is an adapter of sorts, to allow this connection. I own... Read More »

Does the Xbox Live Communicator headset work for Xbox 360?

The Xbox Live Communicator Headset was designed for the original Xbox. Therefore, it is not compatible with the Xbox 360. An Xbox 360 headset that plugs into the 360 controller is available for use... Read More »

Your xbox headphones don't work?