Do headphone's say they are stereo when you buy them?

Answer Yes

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Why are headphones known as headphones when you do not talk thru them?

The "phone" part of the word is being used as its root word meaning "sound," rather than a short way of saying "telephone." Therefore, the word, taken literally, means "head sound."

When i plug my headphones into my TV no sound comes out of my headphones but they still come out of my tv speakers. I want to use my headphones to listen to sound from my Ps3.?

a mess up in the headphone? you may need a new tv or new headphones The headphone jack in the TV are switched so that the TV's speakers are turned off when you plug in the phones. This jack has be... Read More »

What can you do about little swimming bugs that dart away when you try to scoop them up and when you catch them they jump around and try to get back in?

Answer I have had this same problem about 6 years out of the 18 I have had this pool. If the bugs are little guys that look like a simple, long, black bug, with 1 wing or fin on each side. Every ti... Read More »

What are a couple of good brands when shopping for stereo headphones?

A couple of good brands of stereo headphones are Maximo iMetal iM590 and Koss KSC 75. These are both good choices because they have high customer ratings and are reasonably priced.