Do have a DVT. I'm worried?

Answer Without knowing more details it's hard to say it could be muscle fatigue, dehydration, muscle spasms, torn ligaments have injured the area recently or exerted yourself ? .. DVT is characterised by ... Read More »

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I have a blister on my pinky toe, could I have the Swine Flu I'm really worried?

Yeah, if it's on that little piggy, it's swine flu.

I am worried, do I have cancer...?

You sound like I did during my first year of university- easily tired, anxiety, not eating a lot (a sandwich and some snacks isn't really enough food to be considered healthy). I lost 15 pounds in ... Read More »

Um I have low blood sugar and worried?

Basically you eat right. You eat at the right intervals. And also do not dehydrate yourself. That may be the reason why when you soak under the sun, you get headaches. Try and eat around 2 or 3 hou... Read More »

Im bit worried if i have bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is not determined by the size and quantity of your stool.The NHS now provided free bowel cancer screening test kits to people aged 60+If you are concerned then speak to your GP.