Do hand sanitizers work?

Answer On One Hand: Better Than SoapProfessor James Scott from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, says that hand sanitizers work. According to him, they eliminate more bacteria than washing with soap... Read More »

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How Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

The vacuum type brake booster on your vehicle multiplies the force you apply to the brake pedal to slow or stop the car. Engine vacuum acts on a diaphragm inside the booster, pushing a rod into the... Read More »

Do hand sanitizers really work?

On One Hand: Sanitizers Are EffectiveHand sanitizers containing from 60 to 95 percent alcohol are effective in killing the germs that cause rhinovirus, vaccinia, hepatitis, fungus, influenza and tu... Read More »

Other Uses for Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers provide a quick, easy way to disinfect hands that are not visibly dirty. Because of their high isopropyl alcohol content, hand sanitizers can also be used for other purposes. ... Read More »

Are hand sanitizers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Sanitizers Kill GermsHand sanitizers--particularly alcohol-based sanitizers--are effective in killing germs. Hand sanitizers can be carried in any pocket or purse, making them ext... Read More »