Do hamsters eat lettuce?

Answer Most hamsters eat fresh leafy greens such as lettuce, but eating too much of the watery vegetable can cause stomach upset, diarrhea or even liver damage. Consult your veterinarian regarding the app... Read More »

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Are hamsters allowed to eat lettuce?

Hamsters can enjoy fresh vegetables and other leafy greens in their daily diet. The animals are fans of lettuce, clover and grass in particular, but feed them these items in small amounts only. Too... Read More »

My 4 yr old son eats mostly vegetables especially lettuce at lunch and dinner and his abdomen is distended as though he is suffering from malnutrition do vegetable especially lettuce cause this?

looks like it could be a build up of gas - perhaps aome expert advice/check is required just to check that all is OK.

Can female hamsters live with male hamsters?

Animal World recommends keeping only one regular-sized hamster per cage. Hamsters are territorial, and they will fight over food and space. Males and females should be kept together only long enoug... Read More »

Do hamsters eat other hamsters when dead?

Hamsters eat other hamsters when dead due to fighting or balance of the litter. It is also common that nursing mothers can kill and consume their weakest pups when the food supply is low or when th... Read More »