Do guys really lose weight faster and easier than women Why is that?

Answer Yes. Men do typically lose weight faster and easier than women. This phenomenon is due to a man's on average higher metabolism. A man's higher metabolism comes from a typically higher muscle mas... Read More »

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Why do men lose weight (typically) faster than women?

Good question. I belive it is because most men have a lot more muscle than females. Muscle burns calories a lot faster, so combined with exercise it can take off weight very fast. Also women get a ... Read More »

I need to lose weight faster?

You've probably hit a plateau in your diet (Google it, that's what it's actually called). This means that your body is no longer getting "tricked" into losing weight. You'll actually need to start ... Read More »

How do you make your metabolism faster in order to lose weight?

Metabolism is essentially the speed at which our body's motor is running. The speed at which our body burns calories is called the metabolic rate. It's how fast your "motor" is running when you're ... Read More »

Why is it that when women lose weight that one of the first areas to go is?

I dont need to lose weight Steve, and being a Gym Instuctor keeps me from having bat wing arms too......x