Do guys really lose weight faster and easier than women Why is that?

Answer Yes. Men do typically lose weight faster and easier than women. This phenomenon is due to a man's on average higher metabolism. A man's higher metabolism comes from a typically higher muscle mas... Read More »

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Why do men lose weight (typically) faster than women?

Good question. I belive it is because most men have a lot more muscle than females. Muscle burns calories a lot faster, so combined with exercise it can take off weight very fast. Also women get a ... Read More »

Do you really really have to burn more calories than what you eat to lose weight?

No. Your body will consume the calories on its own without you doing any work out. We need that energy to live - sustain breathing, muscle contractions, heart beat, everything! So no you don't need... Read More »

Why is it that when women lose weight that one of the first areas to go is?

I dont need to lose weight Steve, and being a Gym Instuctor keeps me from having bat wing arms too......x

Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse deep down feel that it is easier to feel that way than to show strength thus starting another fight?

Answer Don't ever underestimate an abused women. They are not weak! Until one has walked a mile in their shoes none of us have the right to ever consider they are stupid or weak. It isn't as sim... Read More »