Do guys mind facial hair on pretty girls?

Answer Are you kidding...?! No! It's a huge turn off...just shave it and KEEP shaving it...ugh and here I was eating a sandwhich...

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Do girls like guys with facial hair or without?

Usually without but I love my fiance's goatee. He's one of the only men I've thought looked better with facial hair. By the by if you do grow facial hair you need to groom ist every day. Messy = gr... Read More »

**for guys** do girls have to be pretty?

1. no not at all!2. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!3. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!4. yea, but i do not like a lot of make up5. no, I like little or no makeup-- but i love black eyeliner ever... Read More »

Do girls mind it when guys wear their jeans low?

I like it and im a 15 year old girl. it shows her you have a naughty/adventurous guy. That is SO HOT.... just dont were them down to your knees. haha. thats tacky. but ya... a little saggin turns ... Read More »

Do girls mind when guys wear their pants low?

yeah its ugly but you cant put them up too high.