Do guys look at girls bodies different then girls look at themselves?

Answer The thing is, most girls don't give themselves enough credit, and think the worst of themselves. Most of the girls I know have horrible self esteem.Guys aren't usually as critically (well, maybe th... Read More »

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Guys, whats hotter fat girls, girls with more to love or stick thin?

Depends how fat or skinny. Personally i like girls who are toned and can fill their jeans. But If i had to choose between really fat and really skinny I would rather chose skinny.

Guys: Do you prefer fat girls or skinny girls?

Why is it that teenage girls are never happy with their bodies?

I don't think it's necessarily the not being happy with their bodies, I think it's that they are uncomfortable with their bodies. Most people do grow out of their self-esteem issues and eventually ... Read More »

Guys: Do you like girly-girls or tomboys and why Girls: Are you a girly girl or a tomboy and why?

I'm somewhere in between girly and tomboy.I hate girly girls actually.They make me sick with their stupid conversations about clothes and hair and make-up.It's like they have no idea what's going o... Read More »